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Australia 24- Sydney Cricket Ground Visit

Australia 24- Sydney Cricket Ground Visit

Keith Humpleby14 May - 13:14
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Images from the Brothers visit to the legendary SCG is now up in the media section of the website!

After getting back to the 'day job' Head Coach Darren Bamford reflected on the 2024 tour to Australia:-
"What a great bunch of lads to tour Australia with. Couldn't have asked any more from the lads and all the backroom associated with @rnrl13. Proud to be part of this great association. Onto IS. As always thank you to Sarah Bamford for keeping the house together whilst I go on business trips"

If you are having trouble finding the images then follow this link!

Why the Sydney Cricket Ground well here is a very edited piece from the Wikipedia entry for the SCG!

Probably the most iconic stadium venue in Australian sport the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) was established in 1851 originally granted to the British Army for use as a garden and cricket ground! Rugby League The SCG has hosted 1,392 top-level premiership rugby league games – more than any other ground in Australia (as of 2015). In addition, 70 Test matches and World Cup games have been played at the SCG since the first game in 1911 which saw Australia play New Zealand. The highest ever attendance at the SCG for an international RL match was in 1932 and is recorded as 70,204 to watch Australia play England in the first test of that years Ashes series. For the record England won and despite losing the second test went on to claim the series with victory in the decider a few weeks later. A very tenuous link to the RN is that the next RL test series in Australia (1946) saw the England team travel across the world onboard HMS Indomitable and as such the team became known as the ‘Indomitables’. Due to the ground's historical significance to rugby league, it is often used for special heritage matches for NRL club and representative matches.
As such the SCG has become a must-see visit for all our touring teams over the years including the UKAF World Cup winning side in 2008 coached by our very own Wayne Okell!

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