Amelia Mae Foundation – Charity Auction

Amelia Mae Foundation – Charity Auction

By Keith Humpleby
29th March
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Amongst everything else that went on at last Saturday’s Awards dinner we managed to fit in a charity auction in support of the Amelia Mae Foundation

Neuroblastoma is a little known but most aggressive form of childhood cancer developing from nerve cells called neuroblasts. The condition affects over 100 children per year in the UK alone with treatment being particularly long in duration and by its nature very intensive. The Amelia-Mae Foundation’s mission is to support families affected by Neuroblastoma, whilst publicly raising awareness of the condition.

Dylan is 11 years old and suffers from Neuroblastoma, last year due to the symptoms of his condition had to be taken out of school. Dylan was not aware of the extent of his condition and could not understand why he had to leave school developing a sense of isolation and the feeling that he had no friends. To help the lad overcome this feeling the Amelia Rae Foundation put out a request for people to make contact with Dylan and the response was fantastic with letters cards and toys arriving at Dylan’s home. Amongst those who responded was Chris Reeves who publicized Dylan’s situation within HMS Collingwood and again the response was fantastic. Chris arranged a drop off with the Foundation where it came to light that Dylan lived in Rochdale. This gave Chris the idea of getting Dylan over to Wakefield to meet RNRL on the day of the first test match between RNRL and the Australian Navy. Fortunately, Dylan was well enough at the time and with his family made the trip over the Pennines to join RNRL for the day as our guest of honour. Not only was he given exclusive dressing room access with both teams but, suitably dressed for the occasion, he led the RN team onto the pitch along with skipper Ben Taylor. Whilst this was never going to be a cure, players from both teams were delighted to meet Dylan and help take his mind off his fight for a few hours.

The Brothers have kept in touch with Dylan in the intervening months with match videos and result updates etc. Sadly, Dylan’s condition is worsening and prognosis is not good for our friend but we will continue to offer our support to him and his family throughout this most difficult of times.

It is against the backdrop of this tragic story that makes the generosity of the Auctions successful bids so vital to the Foundation and its work to help research into a cure for Neuroblastoma

You will all be pleased to know that the Charity Auction along with a welcome and most generous donation from Cdre Phil Waterhouse will see the foundation benefit greatly from the monies raised from the auction
Many thanks to following people with the winning bids:
James Graham Shirt - £250.00
Winner James Parry (Club Captain)

England Signed Rugby League Shirt - £500.00
Winner Andy Johnson

HMS SPIRITS Gin - £150.00
Winners Melissa & Rory

England Rugby League Shirt - £110.00
Winner Matt Bowker

St Helens Shirt - £100.00
Winner Sean Casey

Signed Gloucester Shirt - £50.00
Winner Matt Holland

Leeds RL Shirt - £120.00
Hull KR Shirt - £120.00
Winner Cdre Paul Carroll

Warrington RL Shirt - £120.00
Winner Adz Baird

Great Britain RL Shirt - £80.00
Winner Courtnée ‘CJ’ Shipman

Portsmouth FC Vs Accrington Stanley Tickets - £50.00
Winner Gary Winstanley

Portsmouth Seahawks RL Shirt - £110.00
Danny Johnson

Plus of course a donation of £250.00 from Cdre Phil!

Thank you all!

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